The new single: "Gyllene Kvinna" by Ira Ward chart #18 on iTunes sales list. Now on Amazon, Spotify, Rapsody, iTunes and Record Union.

  New release: "En Dag" in February 2015! This release will be historical in many ways. The first American artist to write, perform and produce a song in Swedish. If Al Green and Donny Hathaway could sing in Swedish, this is probably what they would sound like. This song was inspired by Algreen, Donny Hathaway and Tommy Nilson. "My passion for music and people came together in perfect harmony in this song".

  Ira, talks and plans of a new album in 2015. The album will feature many songs with a Gospel influence. "My belief in God will shine through my music. Many people do music for the money and glory, I do it for the love and the Creator.